Citizen Request Tracker

The Citizen Request Tracker is a tool that can be used to report your concerns to the city. It can be used for reporting street lights that are out, potholes, or other concerns.

You may also call 311 during normal business hours to report service requests.

Like Facebook? Like League City? Use the Facebook Request Tracker App to report an issue to League City directly from your facebook account. You can find the Facebook Request Tracker App here at

311 General Services 3 Forms
Animal Control 4 Forms
Banner Permit 1 Forms
Code Enforcement 12 Forms
EMS 1 Forms
Finance 4 Forms
Fire Marshal's Office 1 Forms
Human Resources 2 Forms
Park Operations 14 Forms
Planning & Zoning 1 Forms
Police Department - Permits 4 Forms
Police Department - Traffic 4 Forms
Public Works - Engineering 2 Forms
Public Works - Line Repair 7 Forms
Public Works - Street / Drainage 16 Forms
Public Works - Wastewater 1 Forms
Public Works - Water Production 2 Forms
Utility Billing 2 Forms