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EcoFest Education Session

  1. Speaker Information
  2. (will be shared)

  3. (just a few sentences)

  4. (examples include building a fairy garden, making a bird feeder, 1 or 2 raffle prize winners, or a small item that everyone gets for attending your session)

  5. Time Preference

    Please select a minimum of two times, more if you are available.

  6. Available Times*
  7. Is your class better suited for:*
  8. We will provide the following for your class, and have it set up 10 minutes prior to start time. Please select what you need. *
  9. Want a Vendor Booth?

    *Vendor booth fee is waived for anyone teaching at least two 30-minute classes (same class, two times, back-to-back).

    *Please fill out the vendor application form. Vendor fee will be waived for anyone teaching two education sessions!

  10. Other Details

    *Class times are being offered in 30-minute increments from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    *You will need to provide supplies for your class if you plan to do an interactive activity or give handouts. Plan for 30 people.

    *Public Wi-FI is available on site.

    *If event must be cancelled or altered due to weather, you will be notified 24 hours prior to event start time.

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