What kind of work requires a permit?

The following requires a permit:

  • Residential additions including: Patio Covers, Storage sheds (larger than 200 square feet., room additions, etc.) 
  • Re-roof, if over 100 square feet (1 square) of shingles/roofing is to be replaced
  • Water heater replacement 
  • Air conditioning unit replacement 
  • Gas reconnections 
  • Electrical reconnections 
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Swimming pools, including hot tubs and spas over 24 inches deep 
  • Foundation repairs and re-adjustments 
  • Building demolition 
  • New and replacement paving (sidewalks, driveways, patios, parking, etc.)
  • Permanent and temporary signs, banners, and handbills - see the Building Permit Application (PDF).  
  • House or building moving - if the structure will be moved within or into League City and if the structure is over 8 feet wide and/or 12 feet long, then a permit will be required. Contact the League City Police Department first to have the route approved.
  • New and replacement windows, doors, siding
  • Fences over 7ft
  • Generators

Visit our permits page for more information.

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