Fees for Services Rendered

League City EMS will charge you a fee for services rendered including a non-transport fee if you request EMS and then choose not to be transported to a hospital or emergency room. It is the mission of League City EMS to provide the highest quality healthcare regardless of your ability to pay.

The base rates for the services rendered are approved by the City of League City, City Council, under Section 38 to 101 of the City ordinances.

 A fee schedule for disposable supplies and procedures incurred on your date of service is available upon request.

Fee Schedule

Service Fee
BLS Transport
ALS-1 Transport
ALS-2 Transport $1100
Non-transport Fee $150
Mileage Fee $21 per mile

Billing for Services Rendered

The City of League City currently utilizes Wittman Enterprises, LLC located in Sacramento, California to provide billing services. Private health insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid may pay all or part of your ambulance bill depending on your policy. Patients are responsible for any deductibles, co-pays, and anything not covered by your insurance. Wittman Enterprises files claims directly with insurance carriers where applicable. Payments can be submitted electronically through their Wittman Enterprises website or through the patient portal link.

Payments may also be mailed to Wittman Enterprises, LLC, P.O. Box 269110, Sacramento, California 95826.

If you need to reach Wittman Enterprises for any questions or additional information to help process your bill, you may go through the patient portal listed above or call them at 1-800-772-6552.