Criminal Investigation Division


The Criminal Investigation Division is a division of the Investigations Bureau and provides a wide range of professional police services to the citizens of League City. Working closely with the Patrol Division and the Special Operations Division, the Criminal Investigation Division performs proactive law enforcement activities, follow-up criminal investigations, crimes against children, and narcotics investigations.
Other services include:
  • Task force officer assigned to the local office of the Drug Enforcement Agency to assist in the investigation of drug-related crimes in the city and the surrounding area
  • Crime analyst assigned to the unit that is responsible for the timely collection, analysis, and dissemination of information used by other divisions of the Department in the quality delivery of services to our citizens
  • Evidence manager and evidence technicians are responsible for cataloging, storing, and final disposition of all property and evidence that is collected by members of the League City Police Department.

Eric Cox
Email Travis Ladd
Phone: 281-554-1810

Division Supervisors

Sergeant Michael Carty
Phone: 281-554-1808

Sergeant Troy McGee
Email Sgt. McGee
Phone: 281-338-8232

Sergeant Austin Frakes
Phone: 281-554-1865