Line Repair

For emergencies or immediate assistance, please contact our 24-hour mainline at: 281-554-1390.

The Line Repair Department consists of 33 full-time employees, which make up four repair crews, a customer service crew, a TV inspection crew, utility inspectors, and office staff. 

Crews are tasked with the repair and maintenance of water mains, fire hydrants, valves, and service lines. Repair crews also maintain and repair sanitary sewer mains and sanitary force mains. 

Customer Service Crew 

The customer service crew responds to calls for service and makes minor repairs. They also assist customers with water and sewer issues. The customer service crew also troubleshoots water and sewer issues to determine the severity of the problem and if immediate attention is needed or if repairs need to be scheduled at a later date. 

TV Inspection Crew

The TV inspection crew utilizes closed circuit television equipment to evaluate sanitary sewer gravity mains and service laterals. The crew cleans sewer mains utilizing a combination sewer cleaning truck. They are also responsible for making minor repairs to sanitary sewer manholes. 

Additional Responsibilities

The Line Repair Department is also responsible for utility inspection, water and sewer tap inspections, and participating in pre-construction meetings and walk through inspections.

Line Repair is staffed to handle calls during after hours, weekends, and holidays, and they also respond to emergency calls for service and repairs. 


Line Repair Contact Information

Jody Hooks
Director of Public Works
281-554-1321 Email Jody Hooks
Tommy Arredondo
Public Works Manager
281-554-1040 Email Tommy Arredondo
Robert Taylor
Utility Maintenance Superintendent
281-554-1392 Email Robert Taylor
Diana Ramos
Administrative Assistant
281-554-1390 Email Diana Ramos
Scott De La Houssaye
Utility Inspections and Consultant Supervisor
281-554-1395 Email Scott De La Houssaye
Jason Pyle
Utility Maintenance Supervisor
281-554-1396 Email Jason Pyle
Jeffrey Spriggins
Utility Maintenance Supervisor
281-554-1399 Email Jeffrey Spriggins
Robert Taylor
Utility Maintenance Supervisor
281-554-1394 Email Robert Taylor
Mike Crandall
Inventory Clerk
281-554-1397 Email Mike Crandall