GIS (Geographical Information System)

GIS for Engineering & Public Works

Public works and engineering professionals keep our cities and counties moving. They maintain land records, keep traffic flowing, design utilities, and protect the environment.

A Powerful Tool

These complex and crucial tasks require powerful and sophisticated tools such as GIS that provides the next step in the evolution of infrastructure management technology whether you are looking for accurate mapping tools, moving beyond traditional computer-aided design (CAD) tools, or integrating modeling into your master plans.

Supporting Public Works

GIS supports engineering and public works functions such as survey mapping, traffic and street management; plus maintenance and service program management.


The city's GIS Department currently provides data to other departments within the city:

  • Parks Department utilizes maps for exhibits and grant applications
  • Planning Department requires maps to accompany zone change request
  • Public Works and Engineering Departments require maps and database information for analysis of the transportation and infrastructure of the city

View the city's online maps.