Yard Waste

Leaves in several trash bags 2.

Residents are asked to place yard waste (also called green waste) on the curb using the guidelines listed below. Yard waste that is not properly bundled or bagged according to the guidelines will not be picked up.

Yard waste and heavy trash service is provided on your second trash service day. To find your trash pickup schedule, enter your address in our interactive map.

Yard Waste Service Guidelines

  • Place yard waste curbside, leaving at least four feet from other objects.
  • Yard waste shall not include items that cannot be safely lifted and placed on a truck by two people.
  • Yard trimmings (leaves, grass, clippings, yard/garden debris) and woody material items must be securely bagged. If they are not bagged, they will not be picked up. Bags must weigh less than 50 pounds.
Graphic trash bag. text less than 50 pounds.
Graphic tree vegetation and branches with an x in a red circle.
  • Only six yard-waste bags are allowed per household, per pickup.
Graphic six trash bags full of yard trimmings.
  • Branches, brush, and similar woody material must be bundled and tied. Bundles must be less than five feet long, with a diameter under 18 inches, and weighing less than 50 pounds. This does not include tree trunks or root balls that exceed six inches in diameter. No more than six bundles will be picked up.
Graphic branches bundled together. text less than 18 inches.
Graphic branches bundled together. text less than 5 feet and less than 50 pounds.
  • The aggregate weight of tree limbs must not exceed 300 pounds.
  • Construction waste will not be picked up.

Contact 281-585-3200 with questions about what AmeriWaste will accept or to request a pick-up of excessive or move-out debris.

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