Citywide Drainage Projects & Studies

Find all the City's drainage projects, along with drainage studies and project updates here.

Bay colony drainage channel.
Bay Colony Area Detention Modifications
Bay ridge detention pond.

Bay Ridge Flood Reduction, Phases I-IV

Aerial view of plots of land with trees & proposed benson bayou regional mitigation pond.

Benson Bayou Regional Conveyance & Mitigation Pond

Aerial view of trees & powerlines and proposed benson detention pond.
Bradshaw drainage ditch with powerlines and a building along it.
Drainage ditch near brittany bay subdivision.
Benson Watershed Regional Detention Pond

Bradshaw Ditch Drainage Improvements

Brittany Bay Subdivision Drainage Improvements

Drainage channel with vegetation along both sides of it.
Graphic conceptual drawing of proposed gate structure across bolivar pass.
Street that is partially flooded with barrier and high water sign. text completed.
Clear Creek Tributaries Select Clearing & Desnagging Project
Coastal Spine Project

Comprehensive Drainage Plan and Flood Early Warning System

Aerial view of countryside subdivision with trees and homes.
Drainage channel with homes and trees along it.
FM 518 and Wesley drive intersection and proposed detention pond location.

Countryside Subdivision Drainage Improvements

Dove Meadows Detention Pond

FM 518 & Wesley Drive Drainage Improvements

Aerial view of trees and homes and proposed drainage improvements location.
Drainage channel along brush.
Aerial view of trees, powerlines & buildings & proposed ditch location from fm 518 to mckibben lane.

Hidden Oaks/Calder Road Drainage Improvements

Hughes Lane/West Deats Road Culvert Crossing Improvements

Hurricane Harvey Repairs Phase 1 Package B (Interurban Ditch)

Street with an open field in front of it and a drainage channel on either side of the street.
Magnolia creek and cedar gully drainage channel 2.
Aerial view of newport and ellis landing subdivision and drainage ditch behind homes.

Magnolia Bayou Diversion Channel

Magnolia Creek and Cedar Gully Channel Improvement, Phase I and II

Newport and Ellis Landing Drainage Improvements

Homes with trees and land behind them and location of proposed detention ponds.
Homes in oaks of clear creek subdivision along drainage ditch.
Homes in rustic oaks subdivision along drainage ditch behind homes.

Oaks of Clear Creek Detention Ponds

Oaks of Clear Creek Overland Flow and Acquisition

Rustic Oaks Subdivision Drainage Improvements

Homes in the landing subdivision along the drainage ditch.
Homes and trees along both sides of a drainage channel.
Steet and drainage channel in front of it along with trees on either side of the channel.
The Landing Subdivision Drainage Improvements
The Meadows Subdivision Drainage Improvements, Phase I
The Meadows Subdivision Drainage Improvements, Phase II
Generator mounted on trailer.
Trailer Mounted Generators and Bypass Pumping Units
 Aerial view of land with trees between homes in subdivisions and proposed project boundary.
Drainage ditch along homes and vegetation.
Clear creek with vegetation on both sides of it.
Harvey Related Drainage Studies
Leisure Lane & Pecan Orchard Area Drainage Study
Lower Clear Creek & Dickinson Bayou Watershed Study