High Water Consumption

Garden sprinkler on the green lawn

An Unusually High Water Bill is Most Often Caused By A Leak or Change In Water Usage

I received an abnormally high bill, what are my options?

Check your bill to see what the consumption period you are being billed for

  • Did you have fix or replace anything during this time?
  • Did you have guests during the consumption period?
  • Did anything happen that was abnormal during this consumption period?

Verify the read on your bill

  • Check the Water Tracker and verify the read on the bill. Ensure that the current read is more than the read on your bill.
  • If the read is incorrect, contact our office so that we can correct any issue that may exist.

 Check your irrigation settings

  • Did you or your landscaper increase or make changes to your watering schedule?
  • Was there a recent power outage that could have reset your settings?

Check your property for a potential leak

  • Check the following areas to ensure that there is not a leak. Follow the Smart Home Water Guide to give you step by step instructions on how to check your property for leaks.

I Found a Leak What Now?

 Get the leak fixed as soon as possible

  • Contact a professional to fix your leak.

 Save the receipt of repair

Payment Assistance

If you are having difficulty paying your water bill, click here for resources to assist our residents with payments.

Common Causes of High Consumption

  • A leaking toilet.

  • A toilet that continues to run after being flushed.

  • Irrigation systems: automatic settings or over irrigation.

  • Water softener problems.

  • Dripping faucet.

  • A broken pipe or water heater issue.