North Landing Extension

GO Bond Funding: $31.3 million North Landing Extension Project Sheet (PDF)

Scope of work: Provides the City’s share of the cost to construct a north extension of Landing Boulevard from FM 518, north across Clear Creek, that connects to I-45 at the NASA Bypass. The project is approximately 1.7 miles of a four-lane divided boulevard including a bridge over Clear Creek.


project timeline-the landing drainage-01

Project Status as of December 2021

90% design plans were anticipated in February 2021, but TxDOT delayed plan submission date until April 2021. Staff presented Change Order 1 to Council on March 23, which included agreed upon additions to design requested by the City of Webster as part of their participation in funding of the project, environmental re-evaluation, and utility relocation designs. Interlocal and cost sharing with the City of Webster was approved by Council on June 8 and City of Webster's Council on July 6. Content of future Change Order 2 will be presented to Council based upon the outcome of negotiations between the City and consultants. Construction bid letting was anticipated for January 2022, but due to USACE permit and land acquisition, letting has been moved to September 2022 (TxDOT's FY 23). Revised Right-of-way package has been submitted to TxDOT; comments received and revisions in progress. Right-of-way package was resubmitted on December 17, 2021 and is awaiting response for TxDOT Right-of-way. 95% design package submittal expected in first quarter of 2022. USACE permit has been resubmitted as a PJD (Preliminary Jurisdictional Determination).

Original Schedule

The original schedule, as of September 2019, shows the design phase of North Landing Blvd Extension from quarter 1 of 2019 through quarter 3 of 2020. Land acquisition was scheduled to begin quarter 1 of 2020 through quarter 3 of 2020. Construction bidding is scheduled for quarter 4 of 2020 with construction following through quarter 2 of 2022. Construction will be bid and managed by TxDOT.

Current Schedule

The current schedule, as of December 2021, shows the preliminary design and environmental permit phase of North Landing Blvd. Extension complete in quarter 3 of 2019. Final design began in quarter 4 of 2019 and will progress through quarter 1 of 2022. Land acquisition began in quarter 1 of 2022 through quarter 4 of 2022. Construction bidding is scheduled for quarters 3 and 4 of 2022 with construction following in quarter 1 of 2023 through quarter 4 of 2024. Construction is planned through quarter 4 of 2024. Construction will be bid and managed by TxDOT.