Traffic Management

Traffic Impact Assessment Information

Analyzing Traffic

The ITE Trip Generation Spreadsheet uses standard engineering practices to identify, and scientifically anticipate the amount of traffic (or trips) a property may have, based on its proposed and/or existing use.

Impacts of Development

More specifically, the trip generation spreadsheet is a tool for owners, developers, and professional engineers who wish to increase, expand, or construct developments within the city of League City by providing the information to the city about their developments impact upon the city’s roadways.

Thusly, the development can be adjusted, if necessary, to address any possible negative impacts on the city’s roadway network.

Traffic Signals and Signs

Coming Soon

  • Traffic Request Form
  • Speed Bump Request Form
  • Neighborhood Traffic Concerns and Suggestions
  • Deaf Signage Request Form
  • Roadway Capital Recovery Fee Program

The City of League City Interactive Traffic Map

View the full City of League City Interactive Traffic Map here.