I Am League City

Graphic silhouette of men and women standing. text I am league city.

The City of League City has over 600 hard-working employees who are dedicated to providing excellent service to the citizens of our community. Many of our employees live in League City, and when they're not working, you might see them out and about around town . Learn more about the City staff members in our I am League City employee profile series.

Frank Leblanc
Frank LeBlanc
City Arborist Heather McKnight
Heather McKnight
iamleaguecity-Billy Miles
Billy Miles
Shirley Murphy
iamleaguecity-barbara roberts-2
Barbara Roberts
i am league city aaron
Aaron McGaughey
Teen Librarian Sheldon Freeman
Sheldon Freeman
i am league city scott tuma
Scott Tuma
iamleaguecity-rusty bolen-01
Rusty Bolen
Project Manager Susan Olyer
Susan Oyler
man holding an ammonite fossil
Anthony Talluto
Carlene Neeley

        Carlene Neeley

Kim Schoolcraft
Kim Schoolcraft
Jennafer Woitena
man in suit holding a shovel
Scott Livingston
blonde woman holding a framed butterfly art
Stephanie Flier
man posing with a skateboard
Troy Chason
man holding a lifeguard board, football and basketball
Kenny Walsh
woman in a dress wearing kickboxing gloves
Donna Ofsanko
black woman holding a volley ball
Quencelia Goins
bald man holding his dog up
Michael Kramm
bald guy with beard posing with a framed certificate
Joseph Nowetner
young woman posing
Jasmine O'Keefe
middle aged man posing with a book
Ogden "Bo" Bass
woman posing with a jacket
Susie Blake
man holding a globe
Connor Colorado
iamleaguecity-jason nunez-01
Jason Nunez
Patrick Murphy
female paramedic posing
Liza Martinez
iamleaguecity-caris brown-01
Caris Brown
iamleaguecity-daniel gibbs-01
Daniel Gibbs
a man posing in military outfit
Andrew Gilbertson
Angie Steelman
a man holding a bible and an open house sign
John Griffith
middle aged man holding a car toy
David Hoover