Interactive Project Map

The map below encompasses all of our active CIP projects. The map is color coded to easily show if each project is in the design stage, in construction, or has been recently completed (please see Legend under map). Clicking on the project icon will provide a description of the project as well as a tentative schedule and the contact information for the Project Manager associated with that project. In conjunction with the weekly City Manager's Updates, this map can be used to check the status of ongoing projects.


  • Some projects listed may be joint projects with the County or TxDOT.
  • If the scope of a project has not yet been determined it will not show up on the map. However, yellow markers on the map are projects that are in preliminary phases and/or are areas where City staff is reaching out for public input to determine the scope.
  • Mobile users can open this map in the Maps app of your mobile device.
Map Legend, yellow preliminary, blue in design, burgundy in construction, green recently completed.
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