Budget Highlights

FY2023 Adopted Budget Facts

  • Total adopted budget for FY2023 is $318.64 million
    • $170.38 million for expenditure on City Services
    • $148.25 million for expenditure on Capital Projects
    • FY2022 amended budget is $252.25 million
    • The adopted budget is $66.39 million more than the previous year amended budget due to $5.16 million increase in the operating budget and $61.22 million increase in capital budget
  • Funding for the FY2023 adopted budget is based on the adopted tax rate of $0.415526 per $100 valuation, a reduction of $0.05 from fiscal year FY2022 and $0.005361 less than the no-new-revenue rate of $0.420887.  
    • Major initiatives include funding for:
      • A personnel budget for 668.00 positions which is a net addition of 11.00 full time equivalent (FTE) positions (9.10 FTE in General Fund, 0.90 FTE in 4B M&O Fund, and 1.00 FTE in Fleet Maintenance Fund) for the following:
      • Two (2) EMT and two (2) Paramedics to be hired July 1, 2023 (4 FTE) to staff a new fifth ambulance during peak hours, 12 to 14 hours per day,
      • Community Outreach Coordinator for Animal Control (1 FTE),
      • Parks Custodian to staff new Community Center for Parks Recreation (1 FTE),
      • Two (2) part-time Recreation Aides for Parks Recreation (1 FTE),
      • Parks Facilities Technician for Parks Operations (80% GF & 20% 4B) (1 FTE),
      • Senior Parks Maintenance Worker (80% GF & 20% 4B) (1 FTE),
      • Part-time Recreation Aide at Hometown Heroes Park (100% 4B) (0.50 FTE),
      • Senior Mechanic (100% Fleet) (1.00 FTE),
      • Reclass of part-time Facilities Services Technician to a full-time position (additional 0.5 FTE),
      • Reclass Parks Recreation Supervisor to Community Center Supervisor,
      • Reclass Police Officer to Sergeant,
      • Reclass Paramedic to Shift Commander,
      • Reclass HR Generalist to Senior HR Analyst,
      • Reclass HR Coordinator to HR Generalist,
      • Authorization for Police to over-hire two (2) Telecommunicator positions.
  • continuation of the reinvestment program at a reduced funding level,
  • employee health insurance cost increases,
  • increases in property, windstorm, and workers comp insurances,
  • increases in fuel cost,
  • increase in banking fees to be offset by a recommended credit card user fee,
  • compensation increases, including 2% merit and 3% cost of living for civilian employees as well as 3% cost of living and STEP raises for civil service employees,
  • funding to implement recommendations from the FY2022 compensation study,
  • anticipated increase of $657,520 in Solid Waste over FY2022 year-end estimate due to increased cost of the service and growth in number of households serviced which is offset with refuse collection revenues,
  • funding for a new Ambulance with equipment with ARPA funds ($471,600),
  • funding for 2023 Ford F750 with Truck Mounted Attenuator (crash truck) for Streets & Traffic with ARPA funds ($152,926),
  • increase funding for stipend pay allowance from $10.00/hour to $12.50/hour in Fire ($80,307),
  • Funding for additional daytime Fire stipend crew ($247,057),
  • funding for EMS equipment including two (2) Lifepak EKG monitors ($90,208) and multi-procedural airway torso mannequin ($5,000) both with ARPA funds,  
  • funding from ARPA funds for Fire Marshal equipment totaling $25,298 including replacement soft and hard body armor ($4,910), annual lease maintenance for body cameras ($4,038), an Autovel EVO 2 Drone ($9,200), locking storage cabinets, replacement desk, multi-port charging station, and four (4) NFPA life safety code 101 books ($1,200),
  • funding for forty-two (42) Flock safety license plate readers ($128,100) with ARPA funds,
  • funding for EMS Two (2) Lucas Mechanical CPR devices ($36,333) with ARPA funds,
  • funding for EMS Seven (7) McGrath Video Intubation Systems ($19,722) with ARPA funds,
  • funding for EMS Four (4) Panasonic Toughbooks ($15,580) with ARPA funds,
  • $600,000 to be transferred from ARPA to the GF as a revenue due to eligible expenses for retaining staff,
  • funding for an audit of health insurance claims ($50,000),
  • funding for maintenance of Lobit Park ($51,000), Eastside Dog Park mowing ($1,650), and maintenance of Bayridge Park ($5,500),
  • funding for Lockbox / E-box services for Utility Billing payments ($30,000),
  • funding for Water Department Lead and Copper Rule Revisions program ($100,000),
  • funding for Water Department safety rescue services ($3,000)
  • funding in 4B M&O fund for Hometown Heroes Park operations:
    • a 550-gallon water trailer with pump ($9,500),
    • sub-compact tractor with loader (80% 4B of $20,400 and 20% General Fund of $5,100),
    • replacement cameras for existing surveillance system ($12,701)
  • funding in Chapter 59 Seizure fund to purchase a Leica ScanStation ($84,471),
  • funding in Asset Forfeiture fund to purchase a replacement MorphoTrak Latent Print Workstation ($116,926),
  • funding in Fire/EMS Donation fund to pay for state deployments of Fire and EMS personnel to assist other departments in times of disaster until reimbursed by the State ($40,000), and an additional $40,000 for Fire department specialty tools,
  • funding in the Library Gift fund to replace pieces of existing family place kits and purchase additional kits ($1,800), 
  • funding in the Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax fund to furnish the Burd House to transform it into the League City Visitor Center, implement the Public Art Grant Program for businesses to add public art,
  • funding in the Public Access Channel fund to complete the repurposing of the building, and run our fiber network from the Public Safety Building east to Five Corners and west to Hobbs Rd to connect to additional buildings,
  • funding in the Tree Preservation fund to establish an Educational Live Growing Exhibit with bird and bee attracting trees and plants behind Hometown Heroes Park,
  • programming a transfer of remaining funds in the Winter Storm URI fund back to the General and Utility funds,
  • programming a transfer of remaining funds in the COVID FEMA Public Assistance fund back to the General Fund,
  • continued funding in the HMGP Disaster Recovery and Hurricane Harvey funds to invest grant funds as authorized.


  FY2022 Amended Budget
FY2023 Proposed Budget
FY2023 1st Reading Budget
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Operating Budget
Capital Budget  $87,031,235
Grand Total  $252,254,674