K9 Unit


The League City Police Departments re-established the K-9 Unit in 2011. The mission of the K-9 Unit is to support the Patrol Division and assist in criminal investigations involving narcotics violations and criminal apprehensions. The majority of what we utilize the Unit for includes:

  • Area Searches
  • Building Searches
  • Narcotics Detection
  • Vehicle Searches

Patrol Duites

When not actively engaged in assisting other officers, the K-9 Units are responsible for narcotic and criminal interdiction duties. Patrol duties include:

  • Article searches for evidence at a crime scene
  • Building searches during alarm calls
  • Tracking of suspects who had evaded arrest
  • Violent offender apprehension
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K-9 Officers train with their dogs at least eight hours a week on obedience, narcotics detection, patrol functions, and tracking. Officers are responsible for the care of their dogs at all times.

Meet the K-9 Unit

Officer Jason Jones and Chico

Officer Jones & Chico

Officer Jason Jones and Chico have been partners since October 2012. Chico is a seven year old German Shepherd from the Czech Republic.

Officer Jason Hall and Dina

Sergeant Hall & Dina

Sergeant Jason Hall and Dina have been partners since January 2014. Dina was purchased with donated funds from League City Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (LCCPAAA).