Traffic & Transportation

For emergencies or immediate assistance, please contact our 24-hour hotline at: 281-554-1199


The Traffic and Transportation Department consists of two divisions that operate and maintain all traffic control equipment throughout the City. 

Traffic Signal Division

The Traffic Signal Division maintains and operates all signalized traffic equipment within the City of League City. Their responsibilities include preventive maintenance on all signalized devices, as well as operations of all devices. They maintain and operate all traffic signals, school zone flashers, driver feedback radar speed signs, street lighting, and roadside flashers.

Traffic Control Division

The Traffic Control Division maintains all traffic signs and traffic control devices throughout the City of League City. They fabricate and install all needed traffic signs, as well as maintain and repair all traffic control items, such as guardrails, pavement markings, and channelizing devices. In addition, they setup traffic control for special events and obtain traffic count data to support various studies for the Engineering Department.

Additional Responsibilities 

  • Monitor traffic conditions remotely in real-time via CCTV cameras and the WAZE Traffic App.
  • Respond to any type of traffic related issues.
  • Support League City Police Department on traffic safety issues.
  • The Traffic and Transportation Department is staffed to handle calls daily, after hours, weekends, and holidays, and they also respond to emergency calls for service and repairs. 


Traffic & Transportation Department Contact Information

Name Title Phone Email
Jody Hooks
Director of Public Works
281-554-1321 Email Jody Hooks
David Tickell
Public Works Manager
281-554-1083 Email David Tickell
George Chapa
Traffic Operations Superintendent
281-554-1092 Email George Chapa
Kristin Bender
Office Support Assistant
281-554-1086 Email Kristin Bender
Princeton Rideaux
Traffic Control Supervisor
281-554-1089 Email Princeton Rideaux
Lance Libby
Traffic Signal Supervisor
Email Lance Libby
Signal Repair Hotline
Hotline 281-554-1199
Email Traffic