Public Outreach

Traditionally the month of October is national fire prevention month. The League City Volunteer Fire Department feels that fire prevention is so important that we do not confine it to just one month. Each month we go to schools and daycares teaching children the importance of fire safety and what to do in case of an emergency. We also host scheduled station tours at each of our 6 fire stations for Boy Scouts, GirlScouts and Mother's Day Out programs.


During our fire prevention presentation, we cover the importance of "Get Out and Stay Out," "Get Low and Go" and having fire drills at home just like they do in school. We do what we like to call, Dress a Firefighter. We demonstrate our protective gear including our self-contained breathing apparatus. This way, the children can see that we are still the same people just with special gear. By doing this, we hope to alleviate the fear of what we look and sound like in our protective gear. 

We stress that they should run to us, not away from us, for help. We also like to show off our fire trucks and special equipment. Each person is taken around our fire engines and all the equipment is explained on why we carry it and their specific uses.

Clear falls band students standing in front of fire truck while being wet from fire hose.


Station Tours

Tours will not be scheduled on Tuesday nights. Tuesday nights are training nights for the department. Tours can be conducted on the weekends.


We try to schedule all the school visits in the month of October to coincide with National Fire Prevention month. We work on first come; first serve, so please allow plenty of time for your request.

Daycares/Home School

Our target audience is ages 5 and up. Generally, children younger than this are unable to follow along with the presentation. These presentations can be scheduled anytime except for the month of October.

Birthday Parties/Private Parties

We no longer accept requests for birthday parties/private parties as we do not have the personnel to support these types of requests.


Use this form to request an event. Please allow 24 - 48 hours for someone to confirm the request.

We take every request serious and try hard to accommodate them all. We remain in service for emergency response during each tour and fire prevention presentation. There may be times that we will not be able to attend your scheduled function or have to leave early due to an emergency. We hope you understand and want to thank you for your continued support. 

These procedures are in place so that we may continue to perform public relation events and not over burden our volunteer firefighters. Our priorities are to be ready for emergency response and educating our citizens to avoid or respond appropriately to emergency situations.

All event requests need to be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance. This allows the individual station to make sure they have staffing to accommodate the request.

Fire truck, ambulance, and vehicle operations center at lowes event.