Sidewalk Repairs


The City of League City is responsible for the repair and maintenance of public sidewalks. The City has hundreds of miles of sidewalks across developed areas of its 54 square mile service area. In 2012, the City Council committed funds to address the growing issues with sidewalks throughout the City. In 2017 a formal Capital Reinvestment Program was implemented with funding being appropriated annually, based on City infrastructure priorities. 

Funding & Sidewalk Projects

Over the past seven years, funding has increased and ranged from $500,000 to $1,000,000 annually. Funding varies year-to-year based on availability and capital project priorities. Applicable work is generated through a combination of resident generated work order requests and evaluations of large areas with multiple issues. This typically produces approximately five plus miles of a combination of remove and replace point repairs, pressure grouting, and handicap ramp additions. Driveway repairs are not the responsibility of the City because driveways solely serve the resident’s ingress and egress of their property.

Reporting Issues

Typical sidewalk issues addressed in this program include significant differential settlement of sidewalk panels, excessive cross slope, and repair of existing and addition of new handicap ramps where justified. If you have these issues, please report them to our Street Department at 281-554-1086. Our staff will evaluate the request to determine if a repair is merited or if there are issues for the property owner to address (like the removal of trees) before a repair can be made safely.

Sidewalk Repair/Replacement Statistics