Sidewalk Repairs

The City of League City is responsible for the repair and maintenance of public sidewalks. In November of 2012, the Council committed $285,000 for a contract to complete the nearly 613 outstanding work orders. Those work orders were complete by November 2013.

A total of 180 new repair request were from June 2013 to March 2014. These requests were addressed with nearly $245,000 in funding which includes $150,000 allocated by Council in the FY2014 budget, sidewalk repair funds remaining from FY2013 and savings in other projects. Of the 180 requests, 155 were completed by July 2014 when funding was exhausted.

Future Repairs

Funds in the amount of $200,000 were approved in the FY2015 Capital Budget to address the pending repairs list that list has been completed. In FY2016 Council approved $1 million to combat the on-going issues with sidewalk repairs throughout the city. Council again in the City’s current FY2017 through FY2018 budget approved $500,000 to continue the City’s efforts.

Report Issues

In looking at sidewalk issues we look for areas of differential settlement exceeding 2 inches, excess cross slope and sunken or raised area in excess of 2 inches. If you have these issues, please report them to our Street Department at 281-554-1086. Our staff will evaluate the request to determine if a repair is merited or if there are issues for the property owner to address (like the removal of trees) before a repair can be made safely.

Repair Lists