City Services interactive map

City Services

Need help locating League City's public facilities? This map contains all of the city's public facilities.  Just click on the buildings to get more information about what services each building has.

parks interactive map

Parks & Trails

The City's trail system celebrates all that is League City.  The trails signify the City's history from its beginnings around the trains tracks and Main Street to today's developments along the historic area and throughout the east and western portion of the City. League City's multi-use trails link numerous parks, schools, and neighborhoods serving as a transportation network connecting residents and visitors from one end of the City to another, offering a healthy way to move about.

EMS interactive map

Emergency Services Maps

These maps are intended to help keep our city safe, improve the quality of life for all citizens. Use this map to locate the nearest emergency medical services station in your neighborhood. Follow the map on the icons to find more contact information about the facility.

Trash Pickup schedule interactive map

Trash Pick Up Schedule

Use this map to determine when solid waste is collected in your neighborhood. Navigate to the area to learn when recyclables are picked up on your area.

Planning and Zoning interactive map

Planning & Zoning

This map contains the general guidance on zoning and land use in League City. The Planning Department reviews. Please direct questions to the Planning Department for inquiries regarding rezoning, special use permits, and variances.

MUDs and TIRZs interactive map


See League City's different municipalities such as it's Municipal Utility Districts (MUD) and Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones (TIRZ).

Code Compliance Zone interactive map

Code Compliance Zones

League City adopted a plan to put emphasis on Code Compliance and City Beautification as a top priority mid-term goal. This map provides information about the different areas of responsibility by our Code Compliance Officers. Follow the map to view more information regarding the Officer assigned to that area.

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