Common Code Violations

How do you know if your neighbor or your property is in violation of City codes? Check out our Common Code Violations below or our Common Code Violations printable brochure (PDF) or (Spanish) - Common Code Violations printable brochure (PDF)

What You Can Do

Help protect your community from these negative impacts by reporting any code violations in your neighborhoods and preserving property values. Dial 311 to report code violations if you are League City resident. If you have any complaints or concerns please feel free to contact us. Use the online tracking system or contact our office directly 281-554-1480.

Overgrown weeds in yard

High or Overgrown Grass

If the grass or weeds have grown to exceed 12 inches in height, then it is a violation of city ordinance 54-33 (B) and/or (C).

Garbage in a yard

Trash, Debris, & Rubbish

Piles of trash, rubbish, and other debris on visible to the public is a violation of city ordinance.

Green pool in backyard

Stagnant Water

Having a swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs; holes or items that can retain water, which becomes stagnant is against city ordinance 54-31.

Image of construction indoors

Building Without a Permit

Building a structure, a shed, a patio cover, redoing or repaving driveways, re-roofing a structure, demolishing a structure, and/or other alterations or construction without attaining a permit is a violation of city ordinance 22-31 and 22-6 R113.

Fill dirt beside road

Adding Fill Dirt

Adding fill dirt without an approved permit is a violation of city ordinance 22-2 and 43-161.

Car Parked on Grass

Parked Vehicles on Grass

Cars, boats, and/or recreational vehicles parked on the grass are a violation of city ordinance 125-170 (20).

Red truck parked on grass

Junk Vehicles & Junk Watercraft

If junked motor vehicles and junked watercraft are located in any area where they are visible from a public place or right-of-way and are detrimental to the safety and welfare of the general public, they are in violation of city ordinance 86 to 122. Please see our Junk Vehicle Printable Brochure (PDF).