Enterprise Pipeline

General Location

The proposed pipeline route runs from the western city limits, just south of the American canal, eastwards within the Centerpoint High Power Transmission Line corridor. Just south of Westover Park and the American canal, the route turns in a northeasterly direction along the transmission line corridors just south of the Westover Park, Countryside South and Rustic Oaks, Villages of Oak Creek Colony, Claremont Park subdivisions, just north of the Magnolia Creek, and Landing Subdivisions, thorough the Cedar Landing Subdivision.

Just west of Landing Boulevard, the pipline turns northwards and passes under Farm to Market Road 518 and between the Park on Clear Creek and Clear Creek Village subdivisions. View the map (PDF) of the pipeline route.

Pipeline Permit

The Pipeline Permit was issued on July 5, 2012.

Current Status

Construction is complete and the pipeline is in operation.