Oil & Gas / Pipeline Projects

Following are the current projects within the associated categories and the respective oil and gas permits. View the various drilling permit definitions.

Oil & Gas Well Drilling

(Drilling Permit, Workover Permit)

Drilling Permit - Langley Well #1 (also known as South Hammock) issued to Forza Operating, LLC. (Expired)

Drilling Permit - Langley Well #1 issued to Interstate Explorations, LLC. (For completion testing only)

Drilling Production, Plugging & Abandonment Permits

(Production Permit, Well Plugging and Abandonment Permit)


Pipeline & Pump Station Permits

(Pipeline Permit, Pipeline Abandonment Permit, Pipeline Modification Permit, Pump Station Permit)

Pipeline Permit - Enterprise Pipeline (In Operation 2012)

Pipeline Permit - Genesis Pipeline (In Operation)

Pipeline Permit - Bridge Tex Pipeline (Under Construction)

Pipeline Permit - Denbury Pipeline (Under Review of Pipeline Permit Request)