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The mission of the Helen Hall Library is to provide free access to information and fuel for imagination, in an age defined by the unprecedented importance of both.

Fiscal Year 2019 by the Numbers

Transaction Type
Number of Transactions
Total items checked out
Print materials 351.866
Non-print materials 141,540
Downloadable Media 115,476
Reference questions 40,894
New patrons registered 3,431
Volunteer hours 2,935
Door count 209,540
New titles added 11,612
Programs held 752
Program attendance 22,147
Portrait of Helen Hall

Items in the Collection as of January, 2021

Material Type
Titles Physical Volumes
Printed Books 89,953 95,431
Printed Serial Subscriptions 126 N/A
Electronic Serial Subscriptions 32 N/A
Audiobooks 3,508 3,620
Music CDs 9,143 10,174
DVDs 13,644 20,761
Downloadable Audiobooks 16,932 N/A
Downloadable e-books 46,894 N/A