League City Planned Unit Developments (PUDs)

Functions of a Planned Unit Development (PUD)

A Planned Unit Development is a special type of zoning overlay district designed to:

  • Establish a procedure for the development of land under unified controls to increase flexibility
    from the strict application of land use regulations, development standards, and procedures
    intended primarily for individual lots
  • Ensure orderly and thorough procedures that will result in quality design, protection of open
    space and sensitive areas, and the creation and improvement of common open space and
    pedestrian and bicycle circulation, particularly in residential areas
  • Achieve efficient land use patterns while permitting creative an innovative approaches to the
    development of urban and suburban residential, commercial, and industrial land
  • Encourage mixed development patterns, architectural styles, and building forms to avoid
    monotony in large developments by allowing greater freedom in selecting the means to provide
    access, light, open space, and amenities
  • Provide for flexibility in the strict application of certain land use regulations and performance
    standards found in the base zoning districts to take advantage of special site characteristics,
    location, and/or land uses
  • Consider the impact on adjacent developed properties, particularly residential areas, and enter
    into a documented dialog to address their issues and concerns
  • Be consistent with the adopted Comprehensive Plan and other applicable policies
  • Make adequate provisions for utilities, services, and emergency vehicle access to ensure that
    public service demands will not exceed the capacity of existing and planned systems
  • Enhance the potential for superior urban design and amenities

Contents & Process of PUDs

A PUD consists of a conceptual plan document that specifies how the property will be developed with the criteria above. In order to get a PUD established, it must be approved by City Council upon review by city staff and recommendations from the Parks Board and Planning and Zoning Commission.

After the PUD is approved, the developer submits a Master Plan to refine the phasing of the development. Infrastructure improvements for water, sewer, streets, and parks are determined along with design details for the character of the development. The Master Plan is only considered by the Parks Board and Planning and Zoning Commission. It is common for master plans to be revised due to market conditions. However, these changes must still be within the constraints of the PUD conceptual plan documents. If they are not, then the PUD conceptual plan document has to be revised, which requires another approval by City Council. Minor changes such as adjusting lot lines and streets are approved administratively by city staff.